We operate through an extensive network built on 40 years of experience and reputation

Embalmment carried out by professionals

Our embalmers hold relevant licenses issued by the British Institute of Embalmers and the Australian Institute of Embalming
Importation of the deceased/exhumed remains/cremated ashes into Hong Kong
Repatriation of the deceased/exhumed remains/cremated ashes from Hong Kong to elsewhere
Transportation of the deceased/exhumed remains/cremated ashes via Hong Kong to elsewhere

We fully understand how difficult it is for families and friends when a beloved one suddenly passes away in a foreign place during a vacation or business trip. By using our professional knowledge and our careful attention to the transportation of the deceased’s body, we aim to alleviate the pain and worry of the family members.

With close contacts and communication channels with most consulates in Hong Kong, we have deep knowledge on the human remains importation/exportation rules of the various countries and therefore are able to handle the document work smoothly and efficiently. Due to our direct contacts with different airlines, we can help with the booking of a suitable flight. Our long established relationship with numerous undertakers in the world will also benefit our services.

Our services include:

  1. Professional advice on the handling and transportation of the deceased’s body;
  2. Transportation of the deceased’s body from a hospital/mortuary/airport/another port in Hong Kong to our parlour;
  3. Transportation of the deceased body/exhumed remains/cremated ashes to the Hong Kong Airport or another port in Hong Kong;
  4. Cleaning, embalmment and make-up of the deceased’s body and, if necessary, provision of a room for paying last respects to the deceased (separate cost will be incurred if a hall is used instead);
  5. Provision of a modest casket and a metal trunk suitable for exportation use (family members may choose a casket of higher grade);
  6. Handling of all related documents including consularization and notarization documents, and, if necessary, arranging of document translation service;
  7. Booking of space in a cargo aircraft or other means of transportation and, if requested, transportation arrangement for family members leaving Hong Kong at the same time.


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