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Our designated staff will answer queries on funeral related matters and provide quotations


Assistance in the handling and collection of the death certificate, cremation/burial permit and related documents



Discussion on cremation/burial matters:

Cremation – we will assist in making crematorium reservations;

Burial – we will be responsible for liaising with related authorities and handling all documentation and administrative matters. (If necessary, we can also provide professional opinions on choice of a privately-run or public cemetery.)

We can assist family members in drafting on obituary and informing relatives and friends.

Funeral ceremony : we will plan the flow and details of the funeral ceremony according to the deceased’s religion and wishes, including the arrangement of the master of ceremony and priest, decoration of the funeral hall, arrangement of funeral wreaths, condolence banners, Taoist funeral rites including ‘Da Chai’ and paper offerings , Buddhist funeral rites, vegetarian meals and food offerings (worshipping food), mourning clothes and shrouds, joss sticks and candles.

Assistance in coffin selection.


We will pick up corpse from mortuary and transport it to our palour.


Cleaning, cold storage, embalmment and make-up of the corpse will be carried out.



On funeral day, our staff will assist bereaved family to ensure the ceremony is executed in a smooth and orderly manner under the leadership of the master of ceremony/our sales representative, so that the deceased may receive the best possible sent-off.


We will transport coffin to the crematorium or cemetery and assist in the cremation/burial process. Coaches will be arranged to take family members and friends to and fro the crematorium/cemetery.

If necessary, we can also assist in tombstone/niche application (provision of professional advice and assistance in the handling of exhumed remains at the request of family members).

We will follow up with all matters post cremation, including collection of the ashes and temporary storage at our parlour. We can also provide professional advice on the handling of ashes, urn selection and application for storage space in a privately-run or a public columbarium.



Further Services

  • Arrangement of prayer service by nun

  • Arrangement of Taoist funeral rites including ‘Da Chai’

  • Supply of paper offerings and availability of necessary furnace

  • Cleaning, make-up and embalmment of the deceased

    Posthumous cosmetics - preparation the body of the deceased for burial
  • Full set of equipment for enlargement of the deceased’s photo

  • Supply of mourning clothes and shrouds, clothing and Red/White/Holy Cross blanket for the deceased; and joss sticks and candles

  • Supply of funeral wreaths

  • Decoration of funeral hall

  • Supply of food offerings (worshipping food)

  • Different choices of urns available

  • Importation and repatriation of the remains from and to other countries

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  • Specialist bearers team and fully equipped hearses

  • Vertical platform lift for convenient access to our palour by mobility impaired people


Our Commitments


We are committed to providing our community with quality services so that the deceased will be given the highest respect and the bereaved family will be able to fulfil their filial duty properly and without difficulty. Please be assured that we always operate in a responsible and ethical manner to uphold the spirit of filial piety.

-Transparent fee structure.
-Different price ranges to accommodate different clients.
-We carefully listen to, and respect the wishes of, the bereaved family regarding how the funeral should be held.
-We are committed to providing the best possible services.
-We are easily approachable for funeral advice through hotlines and emails.
-We can provide prompt responses to enquiries.


Our sales representatives are professional and experienced. We do not hire any representatives or other funeral industry workers to solicit business at hospitals, mortuaries or the Births and Deaths Registry. Please contact us immediately if you are aware of such solicitation of business in our name at those venues.

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