Star Discounts

Star Discounts

Wake and funeral service can be held at one of the following halls (can accommodate 130 to 150 persons).


Accommodate approx 150 people


Accommodate approx 130 people


Accommodate approx 140 people


Accommodate approx 130 people

Basic cost:

Non-religious / Soka / Protestant / Catholic

$43,000 (Please click to show service items covered by the basic cost.)


Taoist / Buddhist

$45,000 (Please click to show service items covered by the basic cost.)
(The cost may be adjusted in light of coffin size and service items. Our sales representative will provide a total quotation based on advice/discussion with family members on choice of casket and the actual need for each particular funeral service item. The quotation will be taken as the final funeral cost upon confirmation.)

The following services can be provided :

  • Handling of all burial procedures and documents (only the necessary administrative and document fees will be charged)
  • Handling of all cremation procedures and documents, and booking of cremation furnace (only the necessary administrative and cremation fees will be charged)
  • Application for a niche / for scattering of cremated ashes (free of charge)
  • Taoist funeral rites (blessing) performed by Taoist priest
  • Condolence book and other stationery ($55 per set)
  • One set of food offerings (worshipping food) (small: $650; medium: 750; large: $850; extra-large: $950)
  • Red/white/Holy Cross blanket ($400 each)
  • Basic joss sticks and candles ($800 each set)
  • Mourning clothes and shrouds, clothing for the deceased (separately discussed)
  • “Da Chai” and paper offerings (separately discussed)
  • Prayer service by nuns / monks (separately discussed)
  • Flower baskets / condolence banners (separately discussed)
  • Coach transportation (separately discussed)
  • Chinese music playing ($300 for each musician and a minimum of 4 musicians required)
  • Western music playing (separately discussed)